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Family Style Meals

Looking for a meal that can satisfy everyone's taste? Our family-style meal is the perfect option for larger parties or for hosts who want to provide a wide-variety menu. Guests can self-serve and pick what they want to eat, making it a fun and interactive dining experience. We specialize in creating delicious meals that bring people together and creates unforgettable moments.

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How does it work?

Step 1: Click the "Book Now" link to fill out the inquiry form to get in contact with a person on our team to explain pricing options. 

Step 2: Pick from our family style or breakfast menu or create your own custom menu to fit your needs. Also feel free to select add-on services like saxophonist or masseuse to make your event extra special.

Step 3: Pay your deposit to secure your date. The deposit goes towards your total. The balance can be paid at your leisure prior to the due date.

Step 4: On your event day, we will arrive about 2 hours early, to prepare the meal and set up decor. Once your guest have enjoyed the food, we will clean up and consolidate all food for you to enjoy later. 

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